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Halal Canteen at NTUST


NTUST has a large Muslim student population in Taiwan. Currently, there are more than 100 hundreds Muslim students that come from many different countries living and studying at NTUST.

According to their religion, Muslim has to eat special diet called Halal food. In general, Halal food can be defined as any food that does not contain: pork, blood, alcohol or meat which not slaughtered by Muslim. It’s not easy to find food in Taiwan that can be classified as Halal food. Most of the food are using general meat or cooked with pork oil which Muslim cannot eat.

Understand that this special diet has become one of the main concerns of the Muslim students, in March 2011, NTUST agreed to provide Halal Food at the cafeteria. This becomes great news for every Muslim at NTUST. They are very happy knowing that their campus has a high concern for them and also has a high respect for cultural differences.

The Halal Canteen at NTUST is very good in serving the Halal food. They care not only about the source but also the process in serving the halal food. They buy the meat from Halal supplier, separate the cooking tools, dishes, and chopstick in order to maintain its Halal quality.

Right now, NTUST has become the first and the only campus in Taiwan that provides Halal food cafetaria for the students. Hopefully, this breakthrough will lead NTUST a step ahead to be an international-friendly campus for everyone.

*) Oleh: Budhi S. Wibowo



  1. I will be there next year…I past my Scholarship from Aceh Government to Study my Master at Digital Learning and Education Department in NTUST…..

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